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Lucidworks has deep domain experience in every category of B2C and B2B eCommerce. Let us show you how you can dramatically improve search on your site through machine learning.

In your custom site assessment, you’ll receive a multi-page report of specific recommendations, some of which you can probably fix immediately on your current platform. Other recommendations will give you a taste of what’s possible with our leading-edge product discovery technology.

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Recommendations for Every Industry


Shorts or short sleeves? Subtle differences in word order or form of clothing can totally change the meaning.


Include search for superseded part numbers, fitment across vehicle lines, and parts needed for enhancements around a planned repair.


Manage color normalization, match superseded colors, and tie the product and non-product content together.

Consumer Electronics

Don’t get bogged down on partial matches for manufacturer codes, superseded parts and components, or product compatibility.

Home Improvement

Pro vs DIY language pushes your search engine to its limits. Don’t let feature and spec-driven searches yield poor results.

Home Furnishings

Address common issues like configuring measurement searches and aligning referential product information.

Advanced solutions for occasion-themed searches that simple tagging can’t help with such as relevance and recall.


Food & Beverage

Solve the silo issues and keep shoppers engaged even when products sell out and the catalog quickly changes.


Cut through the noise and understand shopper intent for multi-word searches involving materials, colors, style, and category.

Office Supplies

Decide which products are most important to show at the top when matching on multiple categories of products.

Mass Merchant

Expand assortments in every direction and balance highly relevant results while ensuring you cover your bases.

Sporting Goods

Context is everything in sports. Don’t let your consumers’ activity-based searches trip up your search engine.


Figure out how to balance precision with recall and relevancy for brands and characters that tend to define categories.

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